Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall! Almost!

I wore a surprisingly successful outfit the other day, surprising because I threw a new color into the mix and came up with something a little nicer than the usual.

I have an oddly-patterned skirt that's covered with geometric shapes. It's a lightweight two-layered skirt, a nice weight for three seasons, but it doesn't look ridiculous in winter. The predominant colors are cream and a soft celadon green; detail colors are a kind of olive/brown shade and a bit of light teal. The tops I wear usually play on the greens, creams and browns.

Since it's been a bit fallish the last few days, I thought it would be nice to transition into deeper colors. I picked a dark teal knit tee to wear, along with my slinky chocolate cardigan. It looked wonderful! The only thing I'd change would be my footwear; I wore tan/light brown shoes which I swear, just don't look quite right with anything -- and I can't figure out why. I bought them with summer clothes in mind, and I've tried them with several outfits. Seeing them the other day was the final straw. The next time the Salvation Army calls for donations, they're out the door.

For my new fall combo, I think cream stockings (the skirt's too light for anything darker, no matter what the fashion nabobs are telling us this season) with my dark brown silver-buckled flats will look nice, especially with the chocolate cardigan up top.

In other completely-not-surprising news, I'm scouting bags to give myself for my birthday. Since I've gone Pierotucci hog wild the last few months, I'm looking at bags with more modest price tags. I'm thinking a Tano might be nice; I've never had one, but they seem to be interesting bags for the price. Stay tuned!

Today's bag: cognac Pierotucci Birkin-style bag. I loooove it.

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