Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chloe and Yves, sittin' in a tree...

I was never bitten by the Edith bug. I couldn't understand the passionate adoration that surrounds the Edith - at least on the bag boards I frequent - and wondered what everyone else saw that I didn't. I just didn't find anything particularly squeeworthy about it, and wondered if the must-have mystique had been fueled by the departure of Phoebe Philo (designer of both the Edith and the wildly popular - and better looking! - Paddington) from the House of Chloe.

Visual aid: the Edith in rouge (as seen on the Luisaviaroma website):

Nice, but. Eh. About 1275.00, if you're curious, or you've suddenly been overcome with bag lust and must buy one immediately.

Like I said, the mysteries of the Edith have eluded me...until now. Yes, the scales have fallen from my eyes and I've been blinded by the light! In my own defense, the light that's calling me is beaming from a slightly different direction. It's the Big Edith, also in rouge, also from the Luisaviaroma website:

Big is right! The dimensions given are 15" x 18", according to one of those handy-dandy online measurement conversion tools. Also handy-dandy and online, the currency converter is telling me that 1195.00 euros = 1526.70 American dollars.

After seeing this baby (and loving it!), I ran to my local bag forum to oooh and ahhh with long-time Chloe lovers. To my great surprise, many of the opinions given were negative. A few people called the bag the red-headed bastard love child of the regular Edith and Yves Saint Laurent's very lovely Muse. Well, if the designers at Chloe were indeed inspired by the Muse, they have good taste. More power to them!

If I had to give Chloe a few thousand dollars for one of their products, the Big Edith would be my pick. Ah, she is love.

Today's bag: Yellow Coach tote.


Designer Ella said...

I kind of like them both, but not a great deal.

Is that Coach tote "vintage"/older? Where did you get it?

I borrowed your thing of linking to a picture of a bag I carried for my new blog.

I post often, and I don't go out as many times as I post, ha ha. So I don't do it as often.

ET said...

"Squeeworthy"...that's so cute! I love the "mudith" bag, but I think it is a little big large for my needs. I hope that you get one so I can see it though! I would adore one in the gris-vert if it wasn't 18 inches!

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